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Please Use The Payment Slot Located In The
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Street Address
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Mailing Address
PO Box 218
Princeton, MN 55371

Phone: 763.389.2252

Emergency/Outage After Hours Phone: 612.390.4361

Emergency/Water After Hours Phone: 612.715.8703

For Disconnected Electric/Water Service After Hours Phone: 612.390.6787

For other Non Emergency situations Mille Lacs County Sheriff:1-888-860-8250

If digging in MN, call Gopher State One Call 48 hours before you dig. 811 or log on to: Please contact a licensed electrician to locate your secondary wires.

Application for Billing Services (download)
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Application for Electric Construction Service

Automatic Payment Plan

Third Party Program

2020 Fee Schedule

Service Line Protection Beginning January 2018

Distributed Generation/Net Metering

PPUC Cogeneration and Small Power Production Tariff

Schedule 2
PPUC Policy Regarding Distributed Generation and Net Metering
Rules Governing Interconnection with PPUC
Contract for Cogeneration and Sm Power Prod

Schedule 3
Interconnection Process for Dist Generation Systems
Interconnection application

Schedule 4
Notification Process

How to obtain an Electrical Permit

If you are digging in MN, dial 811 for Gopher State One Call 48 hours before you dig. The call is free to you. Or log on to: Then contact a licensed electrician to locate your secondary wires.

An Electrical Inspection Permit and information can be obtained by going to the following State Web Site: MN Electrical Inspectors Phone call hours: 7 – 8:30 a.m.
Mille Lacs County: Tim Emery 320-692-4104
Sherburne County: Kelly Johnson 320-743-3149

2019 Rates (Printable PDF)


Do you need an electrical inspection?

This question comes up many times. The fact of the matter is that since the 1950s Minnesota law has required and enforced electrical inspections statewide. Many people don’t realize this until they go to sell or refinance their property. Generally, Minnesota law requires all electrical work to be performed by licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors and their employees.

Homeowners, with strict limitations, are exempt from licensing, but not from inspection. A separate request for electrical inspection form with the required fees must be submitted to the Department of Labor & Industry at or before the start of any electrical installation. Please furnish our office with a copy as well.

If you have had electrical circuits added, extended or altered, you should also have your local inspector stop by. To find out more about requirements for electrical inspections, how to file a request for electrical inspection, or to find your local inspector, visit

Mille Lacs County electrical inspector Timothy Emery may be contacted between 7:00-8:30 am., Monday –Friday at 320-692-4104. Sherburne County electrical inspector Kelly Johnson can be reached at 320-743-3149.